From the recording Just A Fabrockation

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The fog was rolling in
As the rider did approach
Carried several passengers
Back inside the coach

An old man with ragged clothes
A woman and her son
Sheriff’s on the lookout
Loading up his gun

They watered up the horses
Smacked down on the reigns
Took off down the trail
Heading toward the plains

Light up the fire
Just to keep us warm
Get me some shelter
From the storm
Snug up close
Like you were family
Wait until the morning
To set me free

The desert gets cold
When the sun goes down
The sky changes color
Looking up from the ground

Staying outta sight
And trouble on the road
The horses gettin’ tired
Had to lighten up the load

When the sun comes up
And the temperatures rise
Your body starts to sweat
Then you realize

In just a couple hours
Everything will change
We’ll be freezing cold
Riding out on the range