1. Next To You

From the recording Just A Fabrockation

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Lucky at life
I think I won the game
Everything’s perfect
Hope you feel the same

I got to bed late
So I don’t miss a thing
Get up in the morning
And I start to sing

I roll out the door
Like I own the place
Jump in my ride
With a smile on my face

If you wanna feel like I do
Look at who’s sittin next to you
Tell them, they’re looking fine
It’ll only be a matter of time
You’ll feel better than before
Everybody gonna wanna get some more
So if you wanna feel like I do
Hold on to who’s sittin next to you

When I get to work
And I check in
They all wanna know
Where you got that grin

Don’t start to worry
It’s not your turn
I can play with fire
And not get burned

I like to go out
On Friday night
I have so much fun
It just don’t feel right

Travelin around
From joint to dive
Find somebody special
To go for a ride

Woncha come and see me
Join the crew
Don’t wanna see you
With nothin to do

Well I hope you’re not
Feelin so down
I’ll do what I can
To bring you around

Don’t even bother
Givin me the blues
Sit down beside me and
Kick of your shoes

You can use me
Just to lean on
Everybody needs
To get their game on