1. Don't Call Me

From the recording Just A Fabrockation

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I hate when my soul
Gets to feeling this way
Walked out of my life
With nothing to say

I had no warning
Not even a clue
That anything was wrong
With me and you

Spent every day
Believing you were mine
How was I to know
We were out of time

Don’t wanna be friends
With someone like you
Broke my heart
Got me feeling blue
Just forget about it
Don’t call me
I’ll recognize your number
On the caller ID

Everywhere I go
Reminds me of us
I'm never worried about
Who I could trust

There’s plenty of fish
In the deep blue sea
Just keep those sharks
Away from me

I guess tomorrow
I’ll be on the mend
Don’t give me that line
You wanna be friends

When the clouds roll out
And the sun comes in
I’ll start my life
All over again