From the recording Just A Fabrockation

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When I get up in the morning
And I shake my head
Get ready for the day
Jumpin’ outta bed

Get my head in the clouds
Got my feet on the ground
Got a wonderful woman
Never puts me down

I drive a serious machine
It’s the envy of all
If you want good luck
Just gimme a call

Nobody ruin
What I feel today
Just step aside
Get outta my way
Gonna lay down the law
Gonna make the rules
If you try to push me back
You’re gonna be schooled

I work in the city
Get home in the dark
Fightin' the sinners
Ain't no walk in the park
My body is hurtin'
And my brain is on fire
Come a little closer
You're the one I desire

Well I don’t like trouble
And I don’t like to bitch
Don’t rain on my parade
I just wanna be rich

Somebody once told me
Don’t let it slip away
Take advantage of life
Every night and day