From the recording Just A Fabrockation

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Nothin makes me feel like you do
When you meet me at the door
Thunder and lightnin’ warn me
When I’m waitin’ for the storm
Got a big block motor with two fours
Powerin’ my ride
Kathy thinks I’m crazy
Buildin’ a rocket on the side

She says I’ll lose my license
Sayin’ I got to slow it down
That’s impossible for me
Drivin’ my vette ‘round the town

Nothin's better than the little things
That make you feel so good
Won’t you come and join me livin’
Life like you should
Better get a move on
Don’t let life pass you by
Follow that rainbow
Whatever it takes to make you fly

My attitude is fine
I feel better every day
Some people bring me down
I don’t listen to what they have to say
Lift yourself up believe me
You’ll feel better all the time
Things are so good I can’t believe it
It ain’t no crime

If you need a lesson
Just to get your spirits up
Well you don’t have to find me
To start drinkin’ from the cup