From the recording Just A Fabrockation

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Don't you realize?
I know what I'm talkin' about
When I look into your eyes
I can tell there's a symptom of doubt
I have what you call
A vision of the future from the past
Follow my advice
Go out and have yourself a blast

When I was 17
Nobody knew my state of mind
Now that I am older
I can read your future from behind
I knew I had the skill
When my life was slippin' of the track
I learned a good lesson
Everything in life is white and black

You Gotta Get up on your feet
You Gotta Thank everyone you meet
You Gotta Listen to the voice in your soul
And remember that it’s only rock and roll

Follow my lead
Get off the couch and make a stand
Think about your future
You know the world is in your hands
If everyone one would do it
I think the place would start to shake
It's really up to you
Don't you know the difference you could make

Turn off the TV
And pick the weapon of your choice
Open up your mouth
Let them hear the anger in your voice
Don't be talkin' change
When things no better than before
Turn on the radio
They play the blues from 9 to 4

This is my story
You don’t wanna feel my pain
Tell you once again
Well it’s just a cryin' shame
Look at my face
Why do you stare so long
Feel my expression
Comin' out in the song